General Info 2016/03/14

Hello beautiful peoples,

Again my apologies for the inactivity on the site over the last two weeks. I am finally a human again after my struggle with a post apocalyptic virus. (Bronchitis, etc.) But I am back stronger and better than ever. I will attempt to again publish nice and new, hopefully interesting content as soon as possible.

So, tomorrow is again Toorkuns Tuesday and we will again be doing our now (almost running smoothly) self created circle ritual followed by the Middle Pillar and perhaps something new… mmm.

I hope that you will all be reading about it on Wednesday and I hope that it everyone will try what we are doing here and let us know what their experiences where.

The goal of this site is to provide a platform with all the information that a new seeker will need to get started, but also to create a community of like minded people that can share their communal knowledge and experience.

More things to follow…