Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/03/16

Hello to all the beautiful people out there.

Again as per usual today is ritual feedback day and this was an interesting one.

Now just to remind everyone, we are doing elemental months and we started at earth.

So every month we will focus on a different element and we will spend 3 weeks attuning ourselves to the element and finally we will attempt to evoke the elemental king of that element. We started with the earth element and have now completed all the alignment exercises and rituals, so next week will be a big one, as we will evoke Ghob.

So, let’s just give it a quick run through on the exercises.

Week 1:

The first week it is a visual exercise, you have to write down all the things that you see in your normal everyday life that represents the element you are working with. This month was earth so everything that represent the attributes of earth and exist naturally in nature. For earth you need to look for everything that can be dry and cool, solid and heavy. For example:

Sand, Sticks, Leaves, Bones, Rocks/stones, Marble, Clay, Seeds, Quartz, etc.

When you see something you should write it down and keep track of everything you see during this week. The excise is simple, it helps us see earthy things and makes us open to the element itself because we are consistently focussed on it.

Week 2:

Now that we have seen the elements and we have a good idea what the look like, we need to experience them. So, at least 3-4 times in this week, we have to immerse ourselves in things that represent the element. So basically it means sitting on the sand in our garden and covering as much of yourself with the dirt, sand, etc. as you can. Feel it, become part of it. Hold a rock in your hand for a while, go nuts… become a hobbit… whatever it takes. Ha-ha.

Week 3:

Now that we know what earth aligned objects look and feel like, we need to make it our own. For this week you have to spend at least 3 mins a day doing a visualization exercise. Basically be relaxed and still and get yourself into a meditative state, then see yourself in your mind as you become one of the things you have seen in week one. See yourself become one with the element, see you change to into the substance and then image what you would feel like if you were touched, what would you sound like if you could speak in that state. Imagine and visualize yourself being the element itself.

Week 4:

Now that you have seen, felt and become one with the element, it is time to train earth energy manipulation, to gain a level of mastery over this element. For this you will have to wait for the right circumstance and then put into practise what you know. If you find yourself feeling sluggish, lazy, heavy, with no energy it’s the right time for this part. When you feel these emotions/feelings/sensations, immediately close your eyes and take a few deep and slow breaths. Hold out your hands out in front of you with your palms pointed to each other, visualize a cylinder coming up from the earth and stopping right between your hands. Open one side of the cylinder and then focus all the energy that you want to get rid of, all the heavy earthy energy into your chest, and into your lungs. Then blow that energy into the cylinder so that all that earth energy in you will now be in the cylinder and then close the cylinder and send it back to the earth. Once you have done this you should feel, lighter and more energetic during the next 10 min.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s have a chat about last night’s ritual.

So at this stage, we are opening the circle as we seem to now always do, and this was followed by the Middle Pillar Ritual and an earth aligning mantra. We closed off with a Kabbalistic Cross and a prayer to all parties present before giving the license to depart.

Now for the interesting part, the experience.

The casting of the circle went almost like clockwork this time round and we are getting our cone of power really well built now. The energies were again instant and again every time we evoke a water presence I got the chills, seems that I might have a pretty strong water alignment at this stage.

For the middle pillar, I really cannot say what happened as I was full on in trance and just completely out of it. I know that we were chanting the God names but I have almost no recollection of it as I was simply spirited away. Now, just for clarity sake, when we draw our circle on the ground, we do not use a mat, chalk or rope, we create the circle using gemstones of all types to lay the circle line. Ok, back to the story, so right after the Middle Pillar I just had an overwhelming feeling that I should pick up and keep with me a specific piece of clear quartz… no idea why, but I just did it and it will stay with me the whole week. This bad boy…


Haha, not sure why… but I will do it.

We then did the mantra for our earth alignment, this is where we chanted the God, arch angel and angelic choir names associated with our element. After that we were done.

When I say done, I mean done… it was actually quite funny as we both felt the same sensation of tiredness, sluggishness and just feeling down and heavy. We just laid down in the circle for a few seconds.

This was strange and after a half an hour discussion post ritual of why we felt this result I remembered the week 4 exercise that we could do. Thinking that the feelings we were having might have something to do with our alignment ritual we immediately got rid of all our earth energy and what do you know…? Like magic we felt like and good and energetic.

HAHA, book knowledge for the win.

So yes, last night was a cool and new experience for us again as we continue to practise and get better at our craft.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this write up and that you can also share in the experience that we have.

Exist the blessed existence.

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