Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/03/09

Hello anyone and everyone.

Time to give our ritual feedback and experience and I have to say I am feeling good today, I have a lot of energy again and I even feel less sick than what I did yesterday.

Let’s jump straight into it, last nights ritual was quite an interesting one. We performed our own circle opening as it has been described in one of our previous posts. And after that we did the Middle Pillar Ritual and because we are still busy aligning ourselves with the element of earth, we did a Mantra dedicated to the earth element.

Last night was different for a few reasons, as we were building our cone of power I really feel like we nailed it. The energy that we built last night after the cone of power was very thick and tangible. It was the most energy that I have experienced up until now and it had an interesting effect. I really feel that between Quintaro and myself we are getting our energies synced and our buildup of energy is getting stronger and stronger with each ritual. The second thing that was different was due to the high amount of energy I actually started getting involuntary muscle spasms in my arms. Now just to clarify, it was not painful nor violent but almost fun and playful. During the the time that this happened I got a strange feelings that there was something in the circle with a playful and happy energy. Now, I have not done any evoking work yet and truth be told I am not sure, but it did feel like I was getting poked in my arms and this made them move on their own. Like if a child was playfully tugging at your arm.

I also saw the image in my mind of gnomes and this leaves me to wonder if it may be possible that our alignment work with the earth element if perhaps working and that we are slowly opening the doors to the elemental realm. Was it gnomes playfully tugging at my arms? Not sure, but i hope so. During the Middle Pillar I actually had to stop the ritual and confirm with Quintaro that is was actually happening and that I was not just imagining it. After which it became quite difficult to continue our ritual as the “happy”, playful energy was so much we started laughing uncontrollably and it took some time to regain our composure.

I did not receive any messages nor did I see any additional images during the ritual, however this was one of the best rituals we had as it was just rejuvenating and fun and after the ritual my entire body felt numb and good all over, like you would feel after a massive adrenaline dump, like skydiving or bungy jumping would induce.

Really good ritual and really amazing experience, perhaps reminding us that life can often times get to overwhelming and serious that sometimes we should just take a step back, let go of everything and simply have fun.

As always I would like to invite anyone that reads the content on this site, to please leave a comment if you found anything on this site helpful and interesting.

Go ahead, try some of the things you find here and tell us about your experience.

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Exist the blessed existence.



Quintaro’s post.

Hello like-minded peoples, just a quick feedback of our magickal working on 8 March 2016

Wow so much of energies, vibrations and frequencies.

So yet again we were able to get together and have some magickal fun, with Zetharu on the mend and the mind-set restored it was clear that this was going to be a great working.

For tonight were yet again only myself and Zetharu as he felt it necessary to share his lovely flu with his wife, after all sharing is in fact caring 😉

From the start of the ritual I could feel everyone present was as excited as we were. There was an instantaneous presence as we started our opening and this just kept on multiplying throughout the working.


Now quite comfortable with our ritual and its structure we proceeded with the opening. Ritual layout for tonight consisted of the following structure:

  • Circle casting, opening and welcoming.
  • Kabbalistic cross.
  • Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.
  • The middle pillar ritual.
  • Earth alignment mantra of the God name, Archangel and Angelic Choir.
  • Silent energy contemplation and meditation.
  • Closing prayer and licence to depart.
  • Closing Kabbalistic cross.

Ritual experiences and after thoughts:

Wow, where to start, I had an absolute blast with this ritual, from the beginning to the end, I could feel this was going to be something special.

Now fully comfortable with our ritual structure we were able to flow really nicely and could focus more attention on the ritual itself rather than “what comes after this part”.

We were able to achieve a really solid and powerful sacred sphere for our working and could really feel that this was a fully protected space for us to commune with Spirit, Gods and Elementals alike.

As we started the vibration of the middle pillar I could feel the words resonating and vibrating within me at each specific energy sphere with very clear visualization of the energy orbs, it was like the energy was bouncing off our sphere and resonating back onto us.

I could feel immense bodily vibration and an overwhelming sense of fun, mischief, positivity and laughter filled the air, to the point where we both burst out laughing from the energy, it was one of the most relaxing, beautiful and fun experiences I have had with this kind of working.

After we managed to compose ourselves yet again we started the earth alignment mantra.

I had a lovely sense of peace, stability and fruitfulness as we chanted through the mantra, visualizing and connecting with all the gifts of elemental earth.

There was a noticeable and tangible presence with us which just kept on feeding the positive playful energies and just filled the ritual working with so much enjoyment.

We then moved onto a bit of a silent meditation and energy contemplation while concentrating the energy on the third eye.

I got a visualization of a lush green forest and we were sitting under a beautiful tree with the energies dancing around us, excitedly, happy and mischievous, I sense that Ghob and his Gnomes had a hand in this energy, which is exactly what we were looking for in the earth alignment.

I then closed with a prayer and adoration of the Gods and the divine and was able to really speak from my soul without thinking or contemplating, the words just flowed through my body like a river of positivity and possibilities.

After giving the license to depart, we both immediately felt the presence leaving and the circle was clear and empty once more.

We then closed off with the Kabbalistic cross and signalled the temple as now closed.

What a truly wonderful and blessed experience this has been, I await our next working with baited breath and cannot wait for our evocation of Ghob, and I wonder what untold mysteries and wisdom we will learn from him.

Until next time you beautiful magickal creations.

Peace and love, May all your workings be magickal.



A little something extra ☺

As my word flows and my energy goes,

My vibration excites and my thoughts ignite,

My creation takes shape and manifests unto me,

Now so clear I can smell, touch and see,

For this is my will, now my spoken word shall be!