Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/04/14

Hello and welcome to the ritual feedback from last night.

Last night we included a new ritual into our ceremony and we will still do a full write up of it.

Right, we have completed our alignment with the earth element and the evocation of Ghob and for last night we started our alignment with the air element as part of our rituals.

We did our opening of the temple by casting our created circle and we also included the Ritual of the Rose Cross. Our opening now cover the following rituals:

  1. Ringing the bell and statement on intent of opening of circle.
  2. Building a cone of power.
  3. Calling on the aid of the elements and lighting the corner candles.
  4. Casting the circle thrice by drawing it with energy, followed by cleansing it with blessed salt water and consecrating it by use of incense.
  5. From there we performed the Kabbalistic Cross.
  6. Lesser Banishing Ritual was performed.
  7. The Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram was then performed.
  8. We then Hailed the Watchtowers of each corner and invited the Elemental Kings of each element at its associated corner.
  9. We consecrated ourselves with the drawing of the Celtic cross on the third eye and a pentacle on our hearts.
  10. We then invited the God and Goddess into our circle.
  11. We drank a toast to the Gods, the Angels, the Elemental Kings and the Watchtowers.
  12. From there Quintaro performed the Rose Cross Ritual.

I might have the order slightly wrong… Hehe

Now that the circle was open, we build power and balanced our energies by performing the Middle Pillar Ritual and Quintaro then led us in a guided meditation to assist in our alignment to the air element.

We finished off with a Kabbalistic Cross and then by giving the License to Depart and Closing of the Temple.

As you can see our opening ritual is really expanding and getting more and more complex with every additional ritual (step) that we include. However that being said, it does not really take much more time that the shorter rituals did. As we get more practice and gain more experience the well known rituals seem to go a lot quicker and this makes time and space for new rituals to be included roughly in the same time frame. Last nights entire ceremony took us an hour and a half which is pretty much as long as we expect it to take, without any specific magick being done. For next week I will be writing a spell to aid us with our air element alignment and that should be great fun.

I have to say, the two weeks that we could not get together and performs our rituals and rites has really hit me hard this time. I am currently dealing with a lot of stress with my work and personal affairs, so I really needed some “away from reality time”. It is amazing how last nights rituals really helped me just escape the troubles and worries of the world and just find inner peace. This should be said, if you ever feel like everything is just getting to much, follow these steps list above and perform the rituals and rites and silently meditate on anything except the troubles of the world, it wont take the problems and complications away, but it will help you let go, if only for a little while and its amazing how much it helps. You will also gain so much more perspective on your issues once you are emotionally removed from them. I was reminded last night on how small our troubles really are and that worrying is nothing more that sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere.

So I could say a lot about my emotional states during the various rites and what I saw during the meditation part, but I think that will cloud my main point and realization of last night which is this.

In this crazy world of worry and woe, it is through the ritualistic practicing of Magickal rites that we find a method to elevate ourselves to a higher plane of clarity and wisdom. It helps us to remove ourselves mentally and emotionally from our daily and worldly strife and gain assists in gaining new perspective on our existence and on our problems. I believe that a life dedicated to the art of Magick, ritual and meditation is a life lived with knowledge and perspective above the norm and is one that we should all work towards achieving.

Well, that is all from me for now.

Exist the blessed existence.



Quintaro’s post:

Hello like-minded peoples, just a quick feedback of our magickal working on 12 April 2016

So, we started with our first ritual for our attunement to the element of air following the success we enjoyed with our working with earth.

It was good to be back again after our practise fell victim to life the last two weeks.
However with dedication, commitment and pure love for what we do and believe in we were able to get together again for another amazing “Toorkuns Tuesday tm”.

Really enjoying our weekly workings and I must confess in all honesty I have been seeing the daily blessing and changes in my life from where we started to where we are now.
This is it guys, this is magick that really works, if you make the effort, learn the rituals and practise, practise, practise in your personal psychic gym you will see results and start manifesting real tangible changes in your life.

Every now and then I find my little life wheels falling off and after a brief little contemplation I always come back to the same conclusion, why haven’t you done your rituals in a while, and it’s amazing how quickly my life falls into place again after I resume my practise.

So now that I have your attention and intention, here is what conspired at this weeks “Toorkuns Tuesday tm”.

Ritual layout for tonight consisted of the following structure:

• Circle casting, opening and welcoming.
• Kabbalistic cross.
• Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.
• The rose cross ritual.
• The middle pillar ritual.
• Air alignment guided meditation.
• Silent energy contemplation and meditation.
• Closing prayer and licence to depart.
• Closing Kabbalistic cross.

Ritual experiences and after thoughts:

What a lovely ritual evening, we started off with our custom circle opening that we pretty much perfected now, even Zetharu was surprised that he remembered the whole ritual without notes ;). So we had a really nice flow and sense of certainty in on working. I wanted to introduce a new ritual tonight so a quick bit of study and I then added the Rose Cross Ritual to our working as well, which I really enjoyed, such a nice calming ritual to add to any working where you need or want a little astral “privacy”.

We then happily popped into middle pillar position which has really become one of the corner stones of our energy raising and directing part of our workings, a really powerful and effective practise for balancing and raising energy.

From the start I could feel the familiar vibrations once again returning to my body and taking me deeper into the mantra as it raised and balanced my energy beautifully from head to toes.

Lots of warmth, vibration and energy felt all round, I then led us into a guided meditation through the contemplation of the element of air at which point all sense of space and time was completely lost to me, absolutely immersed in the meditation It felt like we were in the middle of a massive sand storm with voices singing all around us as they moved around us in the spiritual tornado, was a really transcendent experience.

I then brought us back from the meditation and silent contemplation and gave thanks and the license to depart.
Always such a blessing to work with likeminded people that are willing to really make the most of their magickal being.
Looking more and more forward to every single ritual night as we progress into our true magickal selves.

And as always, don’t be shy, drop us a mail, a comment, a note or even a sexy photo of you in your own ritual space 😉

Until next time you beautiful magickal creations.

Peace and love, May all your workings be magickal.