Evocation of Ghob Ritual

Hello all you beautiful people out there.

As promised, and I know it’s very late, here is the evocation ritual that we used to evoke Ghob.

Now this should be said before hand, the ritual that we used was taken directly from the book “Modern Magick” written by Donald Michael Kraig. We used the third edition of his book. I am not trying to plagiarize nor take credit for his work, and I would advise anyone the reads this and that would like to know more to please go get yourself a copy. It is a very good book.

The only reason why I am taking the text directly from his book is because we used it and it worked for us, and I really do not think I am experienced enough to write something like this myself.

It should be said that this evocation text that you see here below was used as the evocation part of our ritual, and is not a complete ritual on it’s own. This should only be used once all preceding rituals have been performed. I have done a write up on all other rituals we performed before this one and it is also under the posts section.

So when we got to the part of the evening where we wanted to perform the evocation Quintaro was our seer and I was the evoker. Which means that Quintaro was doing mirror scrying to create a link to Ghob and I was performing the evocation ritual.

The evocation may clash with your own and personal religious views, but I like to keep an open mind and thus I am sharing this here. The evocation is done by drawing power from the various names of God.

I led off with the following evocation:


I do evocate and conjure thee, O spirit GHOB, and

being with power armed from the Supreme Majesty, I do

strongly command thee, by BERALANENSIS, BALDACIDENSIS,


the most powerful Princes, Genii, Liachidae, and Ministers

of the Tartarean abode; and by the Chief Prince of the seat

of apologia in the ninth legion I do evoke thee, and by

evocating I conjure thee.

And by being armed with power from the Supreme

Majesty, I do strongly command thee, by Him who spoke

and it was done, and unto whom all creatures be obedient.

Also I, being made after the image of God, imbued with

power from God and created according and unto God’s will, do

exorcise thee by that most mighty and powerful name of God,

(vibrate) EL, strong and wonderful, O thou spirit GHOB.

And I command thee by all the names of God (vibrate)




Lord God Most High. I do exorcize thee and do powerfully

command thee, O spirit GHOB, that thou dost

forthwith appear unto me here before this circle in a fair

human shape, without any deformity or tortuosity. And by

this ineffable name (vibrate) TETRAGRAMMATON

YUD-HEH-VAHV-HEH, do I command thee, at which

being heard the elements are overthrown, the air is shaken,

the sea runs back, the fire is quenched, the earth trembles

and all the hosts of the celestials, terrestrials and

infernal do tremble together and are troubled and confounded.

Therefore, come thou, O spirit GHOB, forthwith and

without delay from any or all parts of the universe wherever

thou may be and make rational answers unto all

things that I shall demand of thee. Come thou peaceably,

visibly and affably, now and without delay, manifesting

that which I shall desire. For thou art conjured by the name

of the living and true God, HELIOREN, therefore fulfil

thou my commands and persist thou therein unto the end,

and according unto mine interest, visibly and affably

speaking unto me with a voice clear and intelligible

without any ambiguity.


After going through it twice, we still had no luck yet Quintaro said that he felt we were really close. At times one must perform the evocation a few times in order to get a connection.

I then proceeded into the following evocation:


I do evocate, conjure and command thee, O thou spirit

GHOB, to appear and to show thyself visibly unto me before this

circle in fair and comely shape, without any deformity or tortuosity

by the name and in the name (vibrate) YAH and VAHV,

which Adam heard and spoke, and by the name of God (vibrate)

AH-GLAH which Lot heard and was saved with his family, and

by the name (vibrate) EE-OHT which Jacob, who was delivered

from the hand of Esau, his brother, heard from the angel wrestling

with him, and by the name (vibrate) ANN-AH-PHAX-EH-TOHN

which Aaron heard and spoke and was made wise.

And by the name (vibrate) TZAH-BAH-OHT, which Moses

named and all the rivers were turned into blood, and by the


which Moses named and all the rivers brought forth frogs, and

they ascended into the houses destroying all things. And by the

name (vibrate) EHL-YONE, which Moses named and there was

great hail such as had not been since the beginning of the world.

And by the name (vibrate) AH-DOH-NYE, which Moses named

and there came up locusts which appeared upon the whole land

and devoured all which the hail had left. And by the name (vibrate)

SH’MAH AH-MAH-TEE-YAH which Joshua called upon

and the sun stayed its course.

And by the name ALPHA and OMEGA, which Daniel

named and destroyed Bel and slew the dragon. And in the

name of (vibrate) EE-MAN-YOU-EHL, which the three

children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, sang in the

midst of the fiery furnace and were delivered. And by the

name (vibrate) HAH-GEE-OS, and by the throne of (vibrate)

AH-DOH-NYE and by (vibrate) ISS-KEER-OS, AH-THAN-

AH-TOS, PAH-RAH-CLEE-TOS, and by (vibrate)


three secret names (vibrate) AH-GLAH, OHN, TETRAGRAMMATON,

do I adjure and constrain thee.

And by these names and by all the other names of the

living and true God, the Lord Almighty, I do exorcise and

command thee, O spirit GHOB, even by God who spoke the

word and it was done and to whom all creatures are obedient,

and by the dreadful judgements of God, and by the uncertain

sea of glass which is before the divine majesty, mighty

and powerful; by the four beasts before the throne having

eyes before and behind, by the fire around the throne, by

the holy angels of heaven and by the mighty wisdom of

God, I do potently exorcise thee, that thou appears here

before this circle, to fulfil my will in all things which shall

seem good unto me, by the name (vibrate) BAS-DAH-THE-

AH BAHL-DAHK-HEE-AH and by this name (vibrate)

PRIME-UU-MAH-TAHN, which Moses named and

the Earth opened and did swallow up Kora, Dathan and


Wherefore thou shalt make faithful answers unto all

my demands, O spirit GHOB, and shalt perform all of my

desires so far as in thine office thou art capable thereof.

Therefore, come thou, visibly, peaceable and affably, now

without delay, to manifest that which I desire, speaking

with a clear and perfect voice, intelligibly, and to mine



This one however seemed to work.

If you wanted to know more about our experience and what happened please just scroll down a little to the ritual feedback that covers the evocation of Ghob.

We finished the evocation by giving the license to depart:

O thou spirit GHOB, because thou hast diligently
answered unto my demands and hast been very ready and
willing to come at my call, I do here license thee to depart
unto thy proper place. Go now in peace to thy abodes and
habitations, causing neither harm nor danger unto humans
or beasts. Depart, then, I say, and be thou very ready to
come at my call, when duly conjured by the sacred rites of
magick. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly,
and may the peace of God be ever continued between thee
and me! So mote it be!


As I said, this evocation worked for us. I know that many people would not like to perform this ritual as they may have their own religious views that do not agree with the evocation as presented here. That is great and you should never perform any ritual that you are not comfortable with.

If you have used any different evocation rituals that have worked for you in the past, please share them with us so that we can get a few different types on the site.

Exist the blessed existence.