Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/02/09

Ok, so last night Quintaro and I did the modern Magick rituals.

So we opened up with a bit of meditation and breathing exercises as this really helps put you in the right mind-set and also helps you ground your energy properly. Finally, it also helps with the build-up of energy for the rituals that will be performed. Once we were ready Quintaro performed the Kabbalistic Cross and then proceeded with a Banishing Ritual. Now we will provide tutorials on all these in the future. We then performed the Middle Pillar Ritual.

Now as an interesting side note, when working with Wicca Magick I find that it is a lot more physical, you have your candles, gemstones, herbs and a variety of tools that you use, however with modern Magick it is a lot more mental. Which leads us to the terms low magic and high magic, low magic having a lot more physical workings and high magic having a lot more mental workings.

Now, I have noticed that when working with high magic, I feel the energy a lot more, it’s a lot more vivid and tangible, you feel empowered once the rituals have completed, whereas with low magic my energy levels feel a lot more grounded and balanced once the rituals have been completed.

As for last night’s experience, again I found myself in a setting that is still new to me. But after the breathing exercise I felt very grounded and I could feel I had ample energy for the workings ahead.

During the Kabbalistic Cross I was again just following the gestures in my mind as they were being performed, and I could feel my energy was still balanced as it normally is and that mentally I was very much at peace. But, during the banishing ritual when the Arch Angels are called things happened for me again. The Arch Angels each carry a strong association with the elements and all is fine until the fire element is evoked. For some reason this throws my internal energy completely out of balance and I can really feel a strong presence there. This may be that I am not correctly aligned with the fire element at this stage and it could explain the massive pressure I feel when a being with a strong fire association is near. We will be addressing this.

Lastly we did the Middle Pillar Ritual and this really helped me increase my “resting” energy levels. I also experienced a strong sensation of warmth in particular around the heart and root chakras. As I can feel a difference in myself today, I feel for lack of a better word “cleaner” today than what I would usually feel.

Ok, so that sums up our workings last night and how I felt about it, attached to this post will also be a write up from Quintaro on his experience.

Exist the blessed existence.



Quintaro’s Section:


Hello like minded peoples, just a quick feedback of our Magickal working on 9 February 2016.

As most of you already know … or don’t know, we have started a tradition where every Tuesday is a Magickal one or as we like to call it “Toorkuns Tuesday”

This is just a little post regarding tonight’s workings and personal findings and experiences.

Tonight we practiced some Ceremonial High Magick.

The rituals were based on the teachings of Michael Donald Craig in his book Modern Magick with a bit of personal flair.

The point of tonight’s ritual was to raise our frequency, vibration and energy levels, as well as to draw these energies into ourselves and start the activation, creation and expansion of the body of light within ourselves or else known as the Merkaba.

Ritual layout for tonight consisted of the following structure:

* A quick micro cosmic orbit combined with a yogic fourfold breath for a trance like state.

* The Kabbalistic cross as ritual opening and start of our working.

* Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram as well as invocation of the elemental kings in their respective       corners.

* The Middle Pillar ritual.

* Energy circulation of the energy created from the Middle Pillar Ritual

* Closing prayer, giving thanks and licence to depart

* Closing Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to clear out any remaining energies.

* Kabbalistic cross as a final ritual closing signal.

Ritual experiences and after thoughts. 

During the microcosmic orbit I experienced a calming sensation as I am starting to raise my energy and vibration with a tingling warm sense of the energy moving down my body and out through my hands.

A warm and comforting feeling as we sealed those energies away into the Lower Dantian or the medicine wheel.

Moving into the Kabbalistic cross I could already feel a sense of peace wash over me as I prepare myself for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the invocation of the elemental kings.

Moving to the elemental corner of air I could already feel my energy starting to rise as I invoke the first elemental king and form the first pentagram, this continued throughout tracing all the respective pentagrams and invoking all the elemental kings.

As I neared the end of the LBRP I could feel my energies rise as I Invoked the Respective Arch Angels.

Upon completion we moved into the Middle Pillar Ritual and started chanting the respective God Names.

I could feel every sphere fill with warmth and energy as we visualized them filling up with brilliance and light.

I could feel a very strong sense of peace and love with intense heat and energy flowing all the way down the pillar. Quite overwhelming and disorientating at times. At all times reassuring myself and my ritual partners that we are in a safe space and fully stable and grounded at all times.

We then moved onto energy balancing, where I could feel myself stabilizing and becoming centered and comfortable once again.

Which I ended off with a prayer saying thanks to all the assisting Energies, Spirits, Angels and Gods present in our working. At this point I could feel my vibration and frequency significantly elevated and a warm glow spread across my body.

After which I gave thanks and the license to depart to all Energies, Spirits, Angels and Gods present.

I ended off with a LBRP just to clear out any residual energies and concluded our working with a final Kabbalistic Cross.

All an all a lovely energy rich ceremony with a great sense of peace, love and warmth. A truly successful working in every sense of the word.

For those of you not familiar with Ceremonial or High Magick, there will be a write up to follow soon with a step by step guide to performing these rituals as well as what you can expect from them and how to use and incorporate them in your daily life.

We welcome any personal experiences, suggestions or questions regarding this working, feel free to come play and interact with us.

Most of our workings will be on a Tuesday evening from around 8 pm Central African Time for those wishing to join us in your own space and just to connect in a like minded fashion in your own ritual workings.

Peace and love, may all your workings be magickal.