General Info 2016/02/08

Just as a heads up, Quintaro and myself will be meeting again tomorrow evening and we will be discussing our way forward with the content that we will like to start sharing on this site.

At this point I do know however that the purpose of this site will be centered around information sharing and getting people who are new to the craft some useful information. So there will be a “Tutorial” section that I will start with soon. The tutorial section will cover a lot of the basics, the big question: what is Wicca and the multiple interpretations of it, the tools of the trade, the Sabbats/Esbats and what they mean, how can they be celebrated, the concept of deity, etc.

Quintaro also has a bit of experience and background knowledge into different belief systems that he will be sharing with us.

We are open for any comments and/or suggestions at this point.

We also ask that you, the reader, please bare in mind we are still new to a lot of the concepts, ideas, rituals, magic, etc. that we will be discussing and positive feedback will help us a lot.

Ok, thats it for now.

Exist the blessed existence.