Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/05/26

Hello all you fantastic and beautiful people out there.

Sorry it is a bit late, but I can finally provide you guys with ritual feedback from our Toornkuns Tuesday this week.

So, where to begin.

The ritual was nothing new this time around as we wanted to pick up and just recharge mostly. As you know we have missed a week here and there and we felt I necessary to simply do the basics, do them right and then pick up where we left off.

So the ritual was done by first just stretching a bit and getting our bodies loose and our blood pumping. It is currently very cold in South Africa and as you may or may not know… when its cold everything feels stiff and does not move well. It might also be age catching up. Ha-ha

We opened the evening with our own casting of the circle and immediately I could feel energy and power flowing from my body. Also like a blocked drain that you just opened up. Energy was just spilling out. It felt very good and familiar.

After opening the circle, we performed the Middle Pillar Ritual as is our custom and after that we did an energy balancing exercise and closed off with the license to depart and the sounding of the battery.

Now, our ritual might now have been long, but it was incredibly needed and powerful.

It was literally like taking my soul to a spa and just spending the day there getting refreshed and renewed.

I am delighted to say that as always simply performing the most basic of rituals really helps lock out the world and all of its problem. Like meditation and energy generation at the same time.

Ok, so what is the plan then you may ask.

Quite simply it is moving forward, when last we did the rituals properly with and without interruptions, we managed to evoke Ghob. So, Now for Paralda the elemental king of Air.

We will start up the exercises again to attune ourselves with the element of air and then perform the evocation once we are ready, and this should be in a month or so. I am very excited to see how that one goes.

I will do a further write up on what excises one can do for the alignment to air and I will also do write ups on anything that we do that is new as we go along this journey.

Keep living magickally and keep practising.

Exist the blessed existence.


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