Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/03/23

Hello all the beautiful peoples out there,

Again we had our Toorkuns Tuesdays and it was quite different than anything we have done before.

Firstly, we successfully evoked Ghob. There was no physical manifestation yet, but Quintaro was the medium and I did the conjuration ritual. My wife was also present for the ritual. For this ritual we decided to forgo our normal opening for our rituals and we did not cast our created circle. Instead we did the following.

  1. The Khabbalistic Cross.
  2. Lesser Banishing Ritual.
  3. Banishing ritual of the hexagram.
  4. The Middle Pillar Ritual.
  5. The conjuration of Ghob.
  6. We finished off with the license to depart
  7. and The Khabbalistic Cross.

Ok, so I will be adding the Banishing ritual of the hexagram and the conjuration ritual we used in the tutorial section hopefully by tomorrow. The rest of the rituals should already be there. Check it out if you have not already.

Right, off to the good part.

As I said we did the basic rituals to clear the positive and negative energies from our ritual space. We then did the middle pillar ritual to help us build energy and to balance it out properly so that we could also be nice and balanced. As the elementals are neutral it only felt appropriate to create a nice and neutral space.

Now throughout the ritual I was quite nervous about the evocation. This was my first evocation ritual and to be honest I was not sure what to expect. You can read all you want, but it never really tells the whole story as it is a unique experience for everyone. Up to the middle pillar everything went nice and smooth and we were feeling good and ready to proceed. We have been doing the alignment exercises and all rituals till now has been earth aligned.

So we got the mirror ready and the seer candles was in place. Quintaro took his seat in front of the mirror with the incense right beneath him. I started reading the conjuration script and after completing the script the first time, Quintaro confirmed that the mirrors edges blackened but withdrew before we could establish a possible connection. I then proceeded to read the conjuration(evocation) script again and again, no real result. Quintaro reported the same thing that we could feel something, but nothing solid. We decided to try a different and much longer evocation script to see if it could bring us success. While I was reading the second script about half way through I realized the the shadow of the candle started moving around erratically even though there was no wind. It made it harder to read the script and I actually placed the candle stand on the book so that I could read easier. It was strange as the shadow of the candle actually started following my fingers that I was using to help keep track of where I was reading. To such an extent that it covered a whole page of the book and I had to remove the candle all together just to see what I wanted to read. Strange… Anyway right after completing the second evocation Quintaro asked that I put out the alter candle and a connection was made. I could not see anything nor did my wife, but Quintaro was completely in trace. We started asking our questions and Quintaro whispered the answers back to us. He does not remember 90% of what happened in trace however and I had to tell him what happened. After the evocation we close the circle and after giving the license to depart, everyone said that they felt lighter and as if they weighed less. Good sign as we where working with the earth element.

All and all a good experience and we got a few good answers and some nice advice from Ghob through Quintaro. I believe the ritual was a success, however we could have done much more if we were more experienced, so we will be revisiting this one in the future when we are more skilled.

I also felt a little strange today as I really had to strain to remember the details of our ritual, the thickness of the air and the heavy energy. It all feel very real and safe, yet strange and exciting.

Again, I will be posting the rituals that we used a little later on.

Keep reading, keep practicing and tell us about it.

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Exist the blessed existence.