Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/02/24

Hi readers and seekers,

So last night we had another Toorkuns Tuesday Tm night. Interestingly enough at this stage we have multiple goals for our nights and our rituals and what we do, should show this nicely.

We are currently trying to customize/create our own brand of ritual and of magic by building on the works of other, more experiences people. I will at some stage include a section to list all the books and authors that I have used and/or read.

So currently we are busy formulating our own opening ritual and it seems to be working very nicely, we try to incorporate as many structures and belief systems as we can so that in essence we cover all the basis. Also we are trying to attune ourselves with the earth element by doing exercises and by basing our rituals and spells on earth based magic. So last night we opened up with the circle that we have formulated and that was posted previously. This again had one or two slight hiccups as it is still new. However I do feel we might be on to something good here as I can really feel/sense the presences as we call them. I really felt the elemental king of water Nichsa, the entrance was like a flash flood washing over me. Not panic and destruction… just energy pulsing through me like wave in the ocean. Gentle yet strong. Images of massive blue waves filled my head. It was, for lack of a better phrase… really cool.

The circle was opened and we move into the middle pillar ritual, which at this point is very quickly beginning to be my favorite part of our workings, as I can really feel myself getting charged with energy when we do it. I had no visions nor communications during the ritual this time round, just a good solid feeling of being grounded and  energized. I find myself looking forward to Tuesdays over the last couple of weeks, and I think this feeling of being recharged is probably the most prominent reason, as I really do feel good once we have completed the ritual.

From there we did a bit of magic. I wrote a spell that I like to call the Earth Element Cleansing spell and I will show it here below. The purpose here is two fold, firstly to bring focus back on ourselves and improve ourselves by use of magic and the elements. And the second is to help us attune and align ourselves with the element of earth. The idea here it to imbue ourselves with the positive qualities of the element and remove the negative ones.


Earth Element Cleansing Spell:

This spell will make use of a green candle, two pieces of paper and a dish with sand.

This spell can be performed during any ritual that you may be doing providing you have all the tools needed. I would recommend not just doing the spell without first casting a circle as it may work, but it will have significantly less power.

On one piece of paper you can write all the qualities associated with the earth element that you want in your life, that you want to show and live in your daily comings and goings. On the other piece of paper write all the qualities of earth that you do not want in your life, things that you feel you may have in you and you would rather not have.

Here are some examples:

Virtues of earth:

consistency, conscientiousness, perseverance, punctuality, caution, resistance, responsibility, carefulness, firmness, reliability, sobriety, ambition, respectfulness, matter-of-factness, Patience, builder, strength, thrift, acquisition, conserved, practical, dependable, stable, endurance, protective, etc.

Vices of earth:

Greed, addictions, obsessions, laziness, tired, lack of control, forgetful, slow, stuffiness, superficiality, indifference, cumbersomeness, touchiness, lack of conscientiousness, irregularity, timidity, scornful, etc.

This part should be read/said out loud and repeated 3 times.

“As I confess on this here night

Against myself I will have to fight

As I speak in rhyme and in three

I ask the element of earth to empower me.


Of the things you hold sway

I wish the following in me will stay.

(Insert qualities)

And then again in your domain

I ask the following in me will not remain

(Insert qualities)


Of all the vices in your power, set me free

Matured in my life your virtues may be

This is your domain and your rite

Empower me with your essence on this night.

As is my will, so mote it be. ”


Once you have read/said the spell out loud three times, then burn the first paper with the virtues put it into the dish with the sand and say:

“Element of earth, to you do I now commit my wishes.  From you do I ask for these virtues. With the force of my will and your power over this domain I ask that you see it done.”

Then burn the paper with the vices, put it into the dish with the sand and say:

“Element of earth, to you do I now commit my wishes.  I ask that you remove these vices form me. With the force of my will and your power over this domain I ask that you see it done.”

From here you can continue with your other rituals and/or spells that you may do. Or simply close the temple if this was your only/last spell.


To be honest at this point I felt that I have completely spent my energy and needed time to recuperate. I did however feel a strong sensation that the spell had worked and that a lot of my energy left me during the spell. This is a good thing as we try and sent as much energy with our spells as possible, the more the better.

We close off by doing a mantra that Quintaro will explain: which again helps us align ourselves with the earth element.

And we closed of with a Kabbalistic Cross and a closing prayer.

For me, last night felt like a success and I really feel grounded this morning. The grounded feeling can definitely be that I am coming into alignment with the earth element. I will start with a new exercise today with would bring me even closer.

We have now been doing rituals every week for I think two months and I have to be honest, I can feel a remarkable difference in my day to day life, not by being able to throw fireballs at people ha ha, but in the little things. Just a better outlook and attitude toward life and people and just small things working out in my favor all over the show. I believe that we are on the path to living a magickal existence and invite anyone that wants to us, to come with us and have a magickal life.

Ok, well that it from me for today.

Remember that we would really enjoy and appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Exist the blessed existence.


Email: zetharu@seekersanctum.co.za

Twitter: @Zetharu_W



Quintaro’s Post:

Hello like-minded peoples, just a quick feedback of our magickal working on 23 February 2016

Sorry for the delay in my response, it has been quite fruitful at the office lately 😉

So when we last left you we had just completed our first custom ritual and opening, this worked really well so we decided to go with this structure again.

Also yet again we added a new twist to this “Toorkuns Tuesday tm”, we added more juice to the ritual as we added a new female member interested in reaping the benefits and the rewards we have been enjoying from our ritual practise.

Still not 100% comfortable with the new ritual there was a confusion or two but we pulled it off really well.

We also added the “Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram” or LBRP onto the site for you to practise in your own time, we wil shortly add the Middle pillar as well so you can follow the entire structure from home.

Ritual Layout for tonight consisted of the following structure:

We started out with our special new circle casting and opening ritual which you can follow from the website.

It involves a nice mix of high and low magick and creates a nice balanced effect.

We the plunged straight into the middle pillar which was a really nice energy inducing technique to prepare us for the candle magick spell prepared by our very own Zetharu.

We ended with a little mantra of Malkuth, vibrating the God name, Archangel and the Angelic order.

Unfortunately we had to end this prematurely as Zetharu and his wife’s young little soul decided to join the vibration 😉

I then ended with one of my famous prayers and adorations and we sent all the sacred beings respectfully on their way.

Ritual experiences and after thoughts:

Really lovely ritual once again, it was a really welcome change to have another person joining, although she was still a little uneasy and unsure of the whole thing in the end we guided her really well and I believe she felt comfortable and at ease quite quickly, (we all get a little nervous when doing something new for the first time).

Really enjoyed the extra energy and I thing it made a nice difference to have a female energy present as well.

I did not feel much of a change during ritual, however just before we started it was like I was already in trance and completely connected to the energies, it was like my body and mind was aware of what was going to happen and made the shift automatically before we even started.

This being said, I did not have to do much to achieve the state I was after and just really enjoyed the ritual and the mantra’s and could feel the energies and connection on a different level, almost as if I was beginning to integrate rather than trying to connect with the energies. Lots of peace, love and acceptance came to mind, there was no nervousness or tension from my side, and I could speak freely and was able to flow really nicely.

I do believe that our continuous practise over the past couple of weeks is making it easier for me to connect and to experience everything the ritual has to offer.

Another great ritual experience and certainly one to recommend, I really enjoyed the candle magick spell and has found myself continuously paying attention to the Virtues and Vices that requested, and so far the results have been … well … magick lol.

I also find myself having more energy and having more focus in my day to day life.

I really recommend these practises to anyone who is interested in trying them, if you feel a little uneasy or are unsure about certain things, you are more than welcome to drop us an email or post something on the site.

We would also like to hear of you own ritual experiences or suggestions, after all magick is for all of us and we have so much we can learn from each other.

That’s it from my side peeps, till next time.

Peace and love, May all your workings be magickal.