Ritual Feedback and Experience 2016/02/16

Hello again.

So last night we tried something new and I have to say the results were very good in my opinion. We tried an opening ritual that we have now made and it combines elements of both modern/high magic and Wicca/Low magic.

Now normally after working with high magic I feel energized and powered up and after Wicca I feel balanced and grounded. I was pleasantly surprised to feel all those qualities after our workings.

So, we cast the newly constructed circle and then did the Middle Pillar Ritual, followed by an energy balancing exercise and finally did the Kabbalistic cross again and closed the Temple.

Now I have found that with practice it has become a lot easier to visualize all the energy movements that we do and take it from me, practice is essential to having a good and solid ritual.

I received very vivid images during our meditation after the Middle Pillar Ritual of spiraling sand/desert sand that was sucked into me through the 3rd eye and this spiraling sand then gave way to a bigger picture of me floating in the sky and the clouds in the air started moving toward me and then also in a spiraling motion enter me through the 3rd eye first it was a slow spiral movement but it picked up a lot of speed as more and more clouds entered me. Finally the clouds were replaced by a thin line of white light directly shining on me. The only words I heard in my head was myself asking this white light “who are you?” but then I snapped out of the meditative state and got no answer. So hopefully this will happen again in the future. I believe that a spirit was reaching out to me, not sure why though.

All and all a successful ritual night as today I feel good and healthy and focused.

Below is the casting of the circle ritual that we used last night. At this stage I think we will stick with this format as it really felt good and flowed nicely.

Combined opening of the temple.

  1. Mark the circle clearly, using rope or gemstones or even chalk to draw the circle.
  2. Place the border candles, yellow to the East, red to the South, blue to the West and green to the North.
  3. The altar always is setup so that it faces east.
  4. Place all the items that will be used for the ritual on the altar.
  5. Light the altar candle and the incense.
  6. Ring the bell 3 times then say:
  • “Let it be it known that this temple is about to be erected, the circle will now be cast.”
  1. Meditate by the altar gaining power, using breathing techniques or chanting or drumming.
    1. It is important to raise as much power as you can here as you will be spending all the power to cast the circle. I find that meditation with breathing works well here, while meditating, image the moon, the bright light shining off it and then how the light from the moon forms a line, this line comes down from the moon all the way to you and touchers your head at the crown. As the pure white light keeps pouring into you, you can see yourself begin to gain a faint glow that gradually builds up until you shine just as bright then see yourself becoming the same as the moon and shining with the same light and power. See the power illuminating out of you and filling all the horizontal space between you and the circle line. When the power has filled this space, create a dome and close the circle above and below you so that you are sitting in a perfect sphere that goes all around, above and below you. When you are ready continue with the ritual.
  2. Take the altar candle and move to the eastern candle then say:
  • “Here do I bring light and call upon Air at the east, so that it will illuminate our Temple and bring with it the breath of life.”
  1. From there move clockwise to the southern candle then say:
  • “Here do I bring light and call upon Fire at the south, so that it will illuminate our Temple and bring with it warmth.”
  1. Then move clockwise to the western candle then say:
  • “Here do I bring light and call upon Water at the west, so that it will illuminate our Temple and wash it clean.”
  1. Then move clockwise to the northern candle then say:
  • “Here do I bring light and call upon Earth at the north, so that it will illuminate our Temple and build it in strength.”
  1. Complete the circle by moving again to the east and then go back to the altar.
  2. Take up your athame/wand/or use your finger if you don’t have the tools, and move to the eastern candle.
  3. Then point your athame down at the circle line and start moving around the circle in a clockwise fashion and draw the circle with your athame. Focus all the energy you can muster from your whole body and pump it out through your arm, into the athame and then into the circle. This will empower the circle and seal it for your workings.
  4. Once you are back at the east, return to the altar and ring the bell 3 times.
  5. Place the point of your athame into the dish with salt and say the following then say:
  • “As salt is life, purify us in all the ways that we may use it.
  • Let it cleanse our bodies and spirits as we dedicate ourselves to these rights for the glory of the God and the Goddess.”
  1. Using the blade of the athame, scoop 3 portions of salt into the dish with the water.
  2. Stir the salted water 3 times with the athame and say:
  • “Let the sacred salt drive out any impurities in this water, that we may use it through these rights.”
  1. Take dish with the salted water and starting at the east, sprinkle the salt water onto the circle line to clean the circle.
  2. When the entire circle in completely sprinkled you should be back and the eastern candle.
  3. Then take the incense and starting at the east, hold the censer over the circle line and move again clockwise around the circle so that the entire circle is censed. This will consecrate the circle.
  4. Return to the altar, then use the anointing oil to draw a Celtic cross on your third eye and a pentacle on your chest over your heart then say:
  • “With this oil let me be consecrated in the names of the God and the Goddess.”
  1. Perform the Kabbalistic Cross.
    1. Visualize yourself getting larger and larger, taller and taller, until you tower above the room you are in. Continue this growing visualization until the city you live in is small beneath your feet. See the continent as tiny compared to your majestic body. Now even the Earth is small beneath your feet. However, no matter how small the Earth is, it is still firm and solid beneath your feet, anchoring you to the ground. You will not float away.
    2. Next visualize yourself growing so large that the planets of our solar system are like tiny toy rubber balls spinning near your feet. Soon they are too small to see as even the Milky Way galaxy becomes a small dot of light at your feet. Now visualize a dot of light coming from somewhere far above your head. Know that this is only a tiny bit of the light from this source, and if you saw the full brightness of this light you would immediately be blinded and quite possibly go insane. This tiny bit of the endless, limitless light forms a brilliant white sphere of pulsating light just above your head. It is nine inches in diameter, about the size of a dinner plate. It is brighter than ten thousand suns, but still only a tiny portion of the source of this divine, spiritual white light. Point to that sphere above your head with your dagger or finger and “bring it down” (by pointing) to your forehead, just above and between the eyes.
    3. Next, visualize this brilliance filling your head with divine light. While pointing to your forehead vibrate: Ah-TAH
    4. Bring the point of the dagger (or your finger) firmly down your body until you are pointing toward the ground. Your hand with the blade should be covering your groin. As you do this, visualize the light in your head coming down along with the blade (or finger), down through your body and beyond your feet down to eternity. Vibrate: Mahl-KOOT.
    5. Now bring the blade up to your right shoulder. As you do this, visualize the beam of white light running down the centre of your body form a beam from the heart area out to your right, past the blade at your right shoulder. See this beam of light extend to the end of the universe, and beyond. Focus on this beam and vibrate: VihG’Boo-RAH.
    6. Move the point of the blade horizontally to your left shoulder. As you do, visualize the beam of white light now extending through infinite space to your left. As you focus on this beam of light vibrate: Vih-G’Doo-LAH.
    7. Clasp your hands at your chest as if If you are using a dagger, the point should be up, not pointing away from you nor to the sides or down. Visualize within your chest, at the point covered by your folded hands, a brilliant golden glow. Vibrate: Li-Oh-AHM,
    8. Hold your hand like you would in a prayer vibrate: Ah-MEN.
  2. Perform the banishing ritual. (This we will cover under the tutorial section)
  3. Move to the east and draw an invoking pentagram over the candle and say:
  • “All hail the element of Air, Watchtower of the East.
  • May it stand in strength, ever watching over our circle.”
  1. Invoke the elemental king of the East/Air, Paralda.
  2. Move to the south and draw an invoking pentagram over the candle and say:
  • “All hail the element of fire, Watchtower of the South.
  • May it stand in strength, ever watching over our circle.”
  1. Invoke the elemental king of the South/Fire, Djinn.
  2. Move to the West and draw an invoking pentagram over the candle and say:
  • “All hail the element of Water, Watchtower of the South.
  • May it stand in strength, ever watching over our circle.”
  1. Invoke the elemental king of the West/Water, Nichsa.
  2. Move to the North and draw an invoking pentagram over the candle and say:
  • “All hail the element of Earth, Watchtower of the North.
  • May it stand in strength, ever watching over our circle.”
  1. Invoke the elemental king of the North/Earth, Ghob.
  2. Return to the altar and draw an invoking pentagram over the altar and say:
  • “All hail the Gods”
  • “All hail the Angels”
  • “All hail the Kings”
  • “and All hail the 4 Quarters”
  • “Bear witness, and assist with our rites that we hold in your presence”
  1. Take the goblet of wine and pour some of the wine into a libation dish then say:
  • “To the God and Goddess, the Angels, and the Kings”
  1. Take a sip of the wine.
  2. The bell if rung 3 times then say:
  • “Let it be known on earth, sky and all other planes that this temple now stands erected. Let no one leave this circle but with good reason while these rites are performed. We shall stay in this sacred space until the Temple is cleared.
  • As it is my will, so mote it be.”


Remember we are open to comments/suggestions and questions.

Exist the blessed existence.


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Quintaro’s post:

Hello like-minded peoples, just a quick feedback of our magickal working on 16 February 2016.

We were both quite excited and really looking forward to “Toorkuns Tuesday tm.”
We were looking forward to this one in particular, and why is that you may ask?
For this “Toorkuns Tuesdays tm.” We were embarking on something really special.
It would be the first time that Zetharu and I share and combine our magickal and ritual practises all combined into one beautifully energetic experience.

And it absolutely was a feast for the entire body and all of the senses.
Rich in energy solid and tangible vibrations and frequencies. I highly recommend giving it a try if you got a little bit of time.

Ritual Layout for tonight consisted of the following structure:

Lucky for me Zetharu already uploaded the entire fancily constructed amazing ritual.
So I only get to discuss all the girly bits in my next section of how I felt and why I felt it and in which emotional state I found myself during orgasm … um I mean Ritual off course 😉

Ritual experiences and after thoughts:

Well to be honest it started off a bit rough for me as I was quite knackered from a hard day’s work, luckily this allowed me to enter trance state really quickly and I was able to relax my mind and body as we started the ritual prep.

Our opening and consecration went off a bit little hesitantly as we were both finding our feet in doing things together and moving around each other in the circle.
But once we felt comfortable within the circle things rapidly took a change for the magickal.

During the fourfold breath and energy circle casting I got the sense of beating African drums as we built the energy circle up with every breath we fed into it, it was like the lower part of our magick was now being awakened and charged for the ritual to come.

During the Middle Pillar Ritual I once again felt the energies and the frequencies strengthen as we enchanted the God names and filled each sphere with energy, now completely mesmerized in the mantra I led us into the energy balancing exercises where things took a powerful turn.
A sensation of swirling energy formed around me, like we were in the eye of an energy storm, I could feel the energy recharge and heal my tired body and strengthen me at the same time.

I then decided to lead us into a quiet meditation where we just experience the current state and listen and focus upon any messages, visuals or advice. Yet again I was pleasantly surprised by Spirit, Gods and Elemental participation in this regard and was rewarded with couple of nice pieces of wisdom and advice.

I ended my section of the ritual with a prayer and adoration of the Divine, which I cannot remember for the life of me but I do recall that it was epic enough to make a grown man cry a little. I then gave the license to depart and respectfully sent all the Spirits, God’s and Goddesses and Elemental Kings on their way with peace and thanks.
I really enjoyed this ritual and do believe that with a couple more practises this will become one of my favourite setups for future more serious workings later on.

A nice balanced energy all over the body as both sides of magick came together in our ritual.
I am nice and focussed today with a sharp and open mind and filled with energy.

I will add the bits of High Magick to the ritual that was not covered by Zetharu shortly and you should then have a nice little custom created ritual to practise on your own with great results.
(You’re Welcome)

Go do it!
And also send us feedback and comments or just come say hi on our page like all the epic magicians and witches do 😉

Peace and love, May all your workings be magickal.