Welcome to SeekerSanctum

Hi, my name is Zetharu.

Here in the posts section we will keep you posted on our coming and goings, experiences and just about anything that we get up to. I will be doing most rituals, magic workings, study sessions and general discussions with a friend of mine, Quintaro and he will also have insets in the form of content in some way.

We will be posting all kinds of interesting things, like rituals and spells that we have used and how we felt about them, our experiences. Things that might have worked in the past and things that might not have worked.

Please note that we are by no means experts or experienced practitioners, we are simply normal people that want to live a magical life and will tell the world what we found.

We will be looking into many different belief systems and religions on this site. Covering a little Wicca, Kabbalah, Golden Dawn, Enochian, etc.

We will try to study/research everything properly before we post and will grow in the crafts as we showcase it.

So if you are trying to learn a little about everything then come and join us and grow with us.