Day: February 8, 2016

General Info 2016/02/08

Just as a heads up, Quintaro and myself will be meeting again tomorrow evening and we will be discussing our way forward with the content that we will like to start sharing on this site. At this point I do know however that the purpose of this site will be centered around information sharing and […]

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Contact Us

Hi all, My email address is My Twitter is @Zetharu_W Quintaro’s email address is So for any questions and suggestions, please let us know and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Welcome to SeekerSanctum

Hi, my name is Zetharu. Here in the posts section we will keep you posted on our coming and goings, experiences and just about anything that we get up to. I will be doing most rituals, magic workings, study sessions and general discussions with a friend of mine, Quintaro and he will also have insets in […]

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