Your first Rituals P3:

Casting a circle is important as we will always open any ritual and/or magic workings in that manner, or at least in a similar fashion. However, like I said before, Wicca is a religion and if you were to ever join a coven you would have to be initiated before you could be seen as a member. For the guys/girls out there that cannot join a coven for whatever reason there is an alternative. It is called a self dedication ritual. It is where you have now decided that you want to be a Wiccan and you want to start doing rituals and/or magic. Those individuals can still dedicate themselves to the Gods and craft by this means.

a Few things should be said before we get to self dedication. It is entirely possible to become a witch/warlock/wizard/mage/adept,etc. without the dedication ritual and I think that you should only perform a self dedication ritual if you are truly moved to do so. It is recommended that the self-dedication ritual be done sky clad.

Sky-Clad means, to only be clad by the sky which again means naked.

Self-dedication ritual.

You will need the same materials as with casting the circle as you will do that ritual again.

  1. Perform the casting of the circle ritual.
  2. Once the Temple has been erected, the self-dedication ritual can begin.
  3. Now that the circle is cast, kneel/sit down in front of your altar.
  4. At this point take the time to meditate on what you are about to do, think about why you are at this point in your life and why you are willing to dedicate yourself to the Wicca belief.
  5. Think about all the information that you might have learned and what it all means to you.
  6. Once you have meditated on all this and you still want to continue, you can stand up and hold your arms out and upward to the Gods then say:
  • “Lord and Lady, hear me now. I am here a simple pagan holding thee in honour. For I have journeyed far and long have I searched, seeking that which I desire above all things. I am of the trees and of the fields. I am of the springs and of the woods. The streams and off the hills. The earth and the sky. I am of thee and thee of me.”
  1. At this point you can lower your arms and then say:
  • Grant me that which I desire. Permit me to worship the Gods. And all that the Gods represent. Make me a lover of life in all things. Let it be known that is I do not possess this love for all life, that my life will be spent in its pursuit. Love is the law and love is the bond. All this I honour above all else.
  1. Kiss your right hand and hold it high then say:
  • “My Lord and Lady, here do I stand before you, naked and unadorned, to dedicate myself to your honour. Ever will I protect you and that which is yours. Let no one speak ill of you, for I will defend you. You are my life and I am yours from this day forth. I accept and will ever abide by the Wiccan reed. An’ it harm none, do what thou wilt. So mote it be.”
  1. Now pour the remainder of the wine from the goblet into the libation dish saying:
  • “As the wine drains from the goblet so let the blood drain from my body should I ever do anything to harm the Gods, or those in kinship with their love. So mote it be.”
  1. Dip your finger in the anointing oil and draw a Celtic cross on your third eye and a pentacle on your chest over your heart.
  2. Then touch the oil to your genitals, then to your right breast, left breast and to your genitals again. Forming the sacred triangle then say:
  • “As a sign of my re-birth, I take onto myself a new name. Henceforth I shall be known as __________ for my life in the craft. So mote it be.”
  1. Now meditate on what has happened, what you have done and what it means to you. Feel the presence of the Gods as they are in attendance. Feel their love for you and your duty to them. Always remembering that we do not serve the Gods and they not us, but that we work with Them for a better life and future.
  2. Once you have finished meditating and basking in their presence say the following:
  • “I thank the Gods for their attendance. I come here in love for them, I now go my way. Love is the law, love is the bond. As is my will, so mote it be. This temple is now closed.”


At the part where the ritual talks about rebirth into the craft you will see I have left an empty space. This is where you will substitute your own magical name.

There are many resources that can help you find you own name.

I used the system that can be found in the Complete book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland.

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