Tutorials Tools of the Craft – P3

6. Wand:

Now this is a tool that I admittedly have not used much. But from my understanding the wand is very much the same as an athame. In some Wicca traditions the coven would prefer the use of a wand to that of an athame, and other would prefer the athame. I would suggest that you find a simply decide which one you prefer and go for it.

7. Candles:

Candles can serve many purposes in ritual and magic workings. During a normal ritual you would typically need 4 candles to mark and represent the 4 quarters: East, South, West and North. I also like to use color candles to match that of the elements, so you will need one green, one blue, one yellow and one red candle. Then you would need an altar candle, this one is used to light the candles at the four quarters and is also used in magic workings, plus the added benefit that it help you read from your Book of Shadows. A Normal white candle would do here. If you do not have a statue to represent the Goddess and/or the God, then a golden/bronze God candle and a silver Goddess candle can be used. As you can see candles are used a lot… so having many of them is a good idea.

8. Bell:

Now a bell is probably not seen by many traditions as a proper or required ritual tool. However, I have read that the clear sound of a high pitched bell can cause sound vibrations that can supplement the vibrations achieved by raising power and it can also create harmony among the vibrations currently in your ritual space. I also have to confess that I just love the sound of a small bell ringing clearly right before the start of a ritual, it just jump-starts my brain into ritual mode and is a clear indicator that I am about to start. Personally I like including a bell, but don’t feel like it is necessary.

9. Censer/Incense.

I have only used incense at this stage as I do not have a censer, yet they perform the same function. I simply cannot imagine a having a ritual or even just to do meditation without having incense in the room. Truth be told I find that a lot of actions we take and tools we use have a massive mental effect on us, in other words, when you are standing in front of an altar with candles around you with the smell of incense it is already a magical space, even before you do magic. However, incense is also used when casting your circle to consecrate the space. And again, when you perform a consecration ritual to prepare your tools for ritual use, those tools are held in the smoke of the incense as part of the consecration ritual.

10. Pentacle:

The pentacle has its place on your altar as it is representation of the power that we all possess and it represents the 4 elements in the points on the sides and the bottom, with the top point representing our spirit, the symbol shows that the human spirit through training and dedication can exist in harmony with all the elements and can control them when needs be. But is is also used to magically energize all items placed on it during ritual and magic workings.

11. Anointing oil.

I like to use anointing oil as part of my ritual to anoint myself during the opening of the temple. There are recipes on the internet on how to create your own anointing oil, however I must confess that I have oil I use currently are store bought. The reason I like it so much is that it is “homemade” by the owners of the store and it is placed in a convenient dispenser. But it should be said that when it comes to all things Wicca, self made items are the best to use.

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