Tutorials Tools of the Craft – P2

3. Salt:

Not exactly a traditional ritual tool, it is still something I find that I use every single time I work magic or do any form of ritual. As part of casting the circle I use the salt to purify water used in the consecration of my circle. Also the purifying nature of salt makes it a multi function tool that can be used in many ways.

4. Water:

Again, not a traditional tool, exactly. But I find I use water quite a lot. It works as part of my circle casting and also for many cleansing rituals. It can also be used in healing magic combined with gemstones. Subjects for a different section of the website.

5. Book of Shadows:

Firstly, let’s just get the basic concept right, the book of shadows is a physical book that a witch uses to write all their rituals, spells, herbal recipes, personal experience, etc. in so that they have the information readily available when they need it. See the book as your own reference guide for all things that you as a witch will use. Now, there are many different views and opinions on what the book of shadows should contain and how it should be done. Some people feel that the book should only contain ritual information and you should have a separate book for spells and herbs, etc. I don’t think it makes a difference in the end, in my opinion a book of shadows should be your single “go to” point for all things witch. If you will be joining a coven, you will gain access to their communal book of shadows when they deem you ready and at that time you might be required to copy all the information into your own personal book. Solitary witches might find that getting a book of shadows together will be a bit more challenging because as you will learn new things you will add it to your book, however sometimes this might mean that you will have to re-write your book a few times to keep similar subjects together and to stick to a logical flow. The alternative it to use a file with ring binders so that you can add/remove or re-arrange your pages as needs be. A Final word on the BOS, with this being the modern age, a lot of people would prefer to simply print out information they find on the internet and include it to their books. Now I cannot tell you what is right for you and what not, however when you write the information down, you are imbuing a lot of your personal energy into the paper and you make it more personal, thus I would strongly recommend not to use printed out copies in your book as self-written spells and rituals will have a greater effect as it can draw on the stored energy imbued in the page and it can draw energy from you while you perform the ritual/spell.

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