Your first Rituals P4:

Before you use any of your tools, now that you are dedicated to the craft, it is highly recommended that you consecrate your tools. Through consecration we dedicate our tools like our athame, wand, sword, besom, cauldron, etc. to the Gods and to our craft and by doing so they will be considered sacred. It is important to note that once a tool has been consecrated, you should not let anyone else use those tools nor should you use them for anything except ritual. As you will see part of the ritual means sharing and aligning your energies with the tool and once it is used anywhere except for ritual or they mix with someone else s energy, you will have to consecrate them again. Once the consecration has been completed I would recommend that you wrap your tools in cloth and store them away some place safe, so that you only unwrap them during ritual use.

Consecration Ritual:

For this ritual we will again open up by casting our circle which is also called erecting the temple. Once the temple has been erected we can move into the next step of the ritual.

  1. While holding up your athame/wands (or your finger if none of those tools have been consecrated yet.) in a salute to the God and Goddess say the following:
  2. “God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of all things. I come before you this night nothing but a humble pagan and ask that you will witness these rites. Bless these tools that I bring before you now and help me use them for thy honor”
  3. Now place the item that will be consecrated onto the altar. Sprinkle the item with the sacred (salt) water on the one side and then turn it over and sprinkle it on the other side. So that the entire item has been sprinkled.
  4. Now hold the item in the smoke of the incense so that the smoke touches every part of it, turn it over and around if needs be. When the entire item has been sensed then while holding it in the smoke say the following:
  5. “Let the sacred water and and the smoke of the holy incense drive out all impurities from this ______(whatever item you are using) So that it may be cleansed and be ready to serve the Gods and myself in any way that I may desire. As is my will, so mote it be.”
  6. Hold the item between the palms of your hand squeezing it gently. Focus all your energy into the palms of your hand and then into the item being consecrated. While holding the item in this manner say the following:
  7. “Using my power and my energy, I now charge this item. May the God and Goddess bless this item with their power and their wisdom. May it serve us well, may it keep my from harm, may it focus my will and that of the Gods. So mote it be.”
  8. If you are consecrating more than one item, then repeat steps 3 to 7 for every items that you may want to consecrate. Once all items have been consecrated then raise them up one at a time and say:
  9. “I thank the Gods for their attendance and for witnessing these rites. May they also and ever watch over me in all things that I may do. Love is the law and love is the bond. Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again. As is my will, so mote it be. This temple is now closed.”

You should try and keep the items on you as much as possible in the first 24 hours after they have been consecrated. The more of your energy they absorbs and the more they align with your energies the better. It is recommended that, if possible, you should sleep with the consecrated items under your pillow for 3 nights after the ritual.

With that done, we have reached the end of this section of the tutorial.

If you have dedicated yourself to the craft, learned how to cast a circle and consecrated your ritual tools you are in fact ready to go and start living a magical life.

Remember that Wicca promotes knowledge in all things, from plant and animal sciences to astral and planetary teachings and knowledge. Always strive to learn more and become a more complete person.

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