Tutorials Concept of Deity

This is a subject that I am actually nervous about discussing and for good reason. While reading this, please bare in mind that this a a basic writing of my understanding and opinions and that in no way do I wish to offend any person whose belief might differ from my own. Every single person will and should in all rights have their own opinion regarding deity. Even though someone else’s view differs from yours or mine does not make them wrong, how you see the Supreme Being is a personal decision and you have all the right to believe anything and everything you want. But because of this I will try and stay away from specifics.

Now, the first thing that should be said here is that Wicca is a religion that makes use of magic, ritual and witchcraft. You can be a witch without having to believe in a Supreme Being, but not if you are a Wiccan.

Now thousands of years ago people still existed without any form of technology and making a living purely off the land. They faced the elements and everything nature could throw at them without any help from technology and even a lot of tools. The interesting thing is that people even back then had this nagging feeling that there was power in the world that they could not explain.

At that stage people looked at things like the wind, water, the sun, fire, the earth, etc. and saw that these things seemed to be alive and have a mind of their own. We as humans could not control nor understand these things but evidence of their existence was undeniable. People basically started believing in them like they were Gods. This is called Polytheism and it is where religion started.

Now over time as we got smarter and our understanding of these elements grew a lot of the things we used to worship as Gods could now be explained and we stopped elevating them to the position of Godhood. In the end people realized there were actually very few things that we could not explain or understand but there were some “divine” constants that could not be ignored. The seasons always changed from warm to cold and back to warm, the sun always comes up and goes down and comes up again. People were born and they died and new people were born again. We traveled to a different realm while we were asleep and then came back our own realm when we wake. Through observing these cycles we humans reached the point where we believed that there was a Supreme Being that governed the cycles of nature, that controls life and death, etc.

Now it needs to be said that this “religion” evolved naturally over a large space of time. Contrary to some other religions. The great Supreme Being was being worshiped, but we as humans struggle to understand such a big concept, so again we looked at nature and noticed that all species of animal and plants had a male and female. This made the the Supreme Being easier to understand and worship, so logically the Supreme Being had to posses both male and female qualities and that’s how we worshiped this all powerful Being.

The worship of the God and Goddess started and seemed very logical, all the life giving and nurturing qualities were contributed to the Goddess aspect and all hunting, killing, war, etc qualities where attributed to the God aspect.

From here obviously we as people want to name and categorize everything that we know so that we can understand it and the God and Goddess received many names from many cultures and had many roles and qualities bestowed on them.

In my opinion what you decide to call the male and female aspects of the Supreme Being is not the most important thing. As we all worship and honor the same Being even though we choose different names with different qualities associated to them.

For a start if you are interested in Wicca, you need to know that both the God and Goddess are worshiped in the tradition and they are shown, illustrated, portrayed and called upon as separate entities. They are the same Being, but when magic and rituals are performed you will be working with the aspect that portrays the qualities that you will need in your workings.