Your first Rituals P1:

So, if we have our tools ready and we feel prepared to get going there is 3 things we need to learn first. If you are going to be part of a coven, the way you cast circles, get initiated and how you perform rituals will be taught to you usually after studying for a year and a day, or what ever their customs may be.

If you are still motivated to become a Wiccan, but you do not have a coven to join, you are able to do a “self dedication ritual” where you pledge yourself to the craft. For the solitary witches, there are three things that you need to learn to get going. Firstly you will need to learn how to cast a circle, then you need to learn how to perform a self dedication ritual and finally before you do your own rituals or magic, you will need to consecrate your tools. I will cover these by giving you my rituals that I did for these three things.

First we need to learn how to cast a circle the ritual can also be called erecting the temple:

For this ritual you will need the following:

1. a Circle marker.

So, when performing rituals it helps with the creation of a cone of power to visually mark the diameter of the circle that you will be performing the ritual in. This can literally be anything, from a piece of rope that you lay in a circle to rocks you collect from a park/forest/stream/waterfall. The average size of the circle should have a 5 foot diameter for a solitary witch. You can make it bigger, but it then takes more energy to fill the space and if you make it smaller, its easier to fill the space but movement will be restricted.

2. an Altar Candle.

The altar candle can be a normal white candle that you will use during the ritual.

3. God and Goddess statues/illustrations or candles.

Out of respect to the God and Goddess they should always be represented on you altar while doing rituals and magic. As we will see a little later on, the God and Goddess is always invited to the workings and we honor them by giving them a space on our altars. If you do not have statues that you like to represent them, candles, shells, illustrations, etc can be used.

4. Two regular dishes, one with water and one with salt.

This can literally just two dishes or bowls that you will use. One should be contain salt and the other should contain water. Sea salt and purified water is best, but normal salt and tap water will work just fine.

5. a Bell.

Here a nice small bell works best, the bell should just ring nice and clear.

6. Anointing Oil.

There are recopies on how to make this, but store bought anointing oil should work fine. If you cannot get you hand on the oil, we can use the salt water to anoint yourself in the place of the oil.

7. a Goblet with wine/grape juice.

a Wine glass with wine/grape juice will work. However if you have a nice goblet is works very nicely.

8. a Libation dish.

This is just an additional dish that should go on the altar, it should be empty.

9. an Athame or Wand.

We will use our athame as part of the consecration ritual, but until the tools have been consecrated we will use our index finger to draw the lines of power en pentacles used in ritual.

10. a Censer or incense.

Fairly straight forward, we will need either a censer to burn our incense of any other holder that will safely burn our incense.

11. Four candles that will represent the 4 quarters.

Here 4 white candles will do. I do prefer to use the candles that represents the elements associated with the 4 quarters. That would mean you need a yellow, red, blue and green candle.

12. Lighter or Matches

Well, a lighter or matches

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