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a Few years ago due to personal reasons, I starting looking into alternative belief systems and after a lot of thinking, contemplation and endless internet searches, I finally settled on Wicca. I truly liked the way this version/representation of the “Old Religion” brought everything back to nature and back to basics. So the decision was made and I was ready for action. At that point I was very motivated to just jump up, get out and get started. However, I ran into a few common issues instantly:

Where do I start?

Which belief system is right for me?

Which books can I read that are actually relevant?

Are there any other seekers out there or covens that can help me?


And then reality hit, I did not really know where to start, what materials I should read, what I really wanted to be. Now, I live in South Africa and finding covens are very difficult and then we are not even thinking about whether they practice in a manner that I even like.

Truth is I found it really hard to find my feet on my own.

This might very well be a massive stumbling block for a lot of people out there, they are looking for alternatives, but finding something right for you might be very difficult and disheartening.

Because of this reason, I wanted to start a site that could possibly help other seekers and make things maybe just a little easier.

On this site I will be compiling what I know and where I found it all in one place and I hope that others will find this site helpful as they seek for their belief systems that are right for them.

I will not just be looking into Wicca as such, but will be trying to cover a few other belief systems and magic schools.

The more I learn the more I will post and update.

So, let’s get started.

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